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Prudential Constructs First Solar Project at Cleanroom Laundry Plant

System has 1,129 solar panels, providing about 36% of energy needs

IRVINE, Calif. — Prudential Overall Supply, a provider in the reusable textile industry, reports it has constructed its first solar project in its Milpitas, California, cleanroom laundry processing plant. 

“We are excited to complete our first solar project at our Milpitas, California, cleanroom plant,” says John Clark, CEO. 

“There are several other projects currently being evaluated by our engineering team for other Prudential locations.”

The solar power system is sized for 474 kWDC (kilowatt, direct current) and is expected to generate 724,000 KW:h (kilowatt hours) of electricity per year. 

The system is equipped with 1,129 solar panels and will allow the plant to receive approximately 36% of its energy needs, according to the company.

“These types of initiatives are important and help support Prudential’s Century Initiative, which is our business planning roadmap for the next 100 years in business,” Clark shares. "The four core areas of our business planning include a focus on our Customers, Employees, Reputation and Expectations. 

“The solar project demonstrates innovation and accountability for our goal to be the industry’s environmental leader.”


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Prudential Constructs First Solar Project at Cleanroom Laundry Plant

A view from above of the solar project at Prudential’s cleanroom laundry plant in Milpitas, California. (Photo: Prudential Overall Supply)

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