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Alsco Uniforms Continuing, Adding NBA Partnerships

Laundry provider working with five teams for 2023-24 season

SALT LAKE CITY — Alsco Uniforms, which provides laundry services for linen, uniforms, and facility services to customers including restaurants, healthcare, the automotive, and industrial facilities, reports that it is working with five NBA teams during the 2023-34 season.

The company will be sponsoring various mop/floor crews, providing linens and uniforms for facility employees, and in-arena advertising.

“The Alsco Uniforms Floor Crew will be the keynote to our sponsorship(s) and really emphasize to businesses why It Pays to Keep Clean™ with Alsco Uniforms,” says Ben Fox, vice president of sales and marketing at Alsco Uniforms.


For this season, Alsco is continuing its partnerships with the Utah Jazz as the official uniform and linen sponsor of the Delta Center and Zions Bank Basketball Campus and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Alsco Uniforms provides arena linens and uniforms worn by food service, maintenance, and custodial employees at the Delta Center. 

This year, the company is also the Official Sponsor of the Mop Crew, which encompasses the employees who keep the court clean and dry during breaks in game action and timeouts. 

Alsco Uniforms also provides many products at Delta Center that ensure fans experience a safe, clean environment while attending Jazz games, concerts, and other events, including floor mats, restroom supplies, and hand sanitizer. 

The company also provides hand sanitizer and floor mats and linens to the Zions Bank Basketball Campus.

“The incredible service Alsco provides our Delta Center staff supports our ability to extend world-class hospitality to all guests who join us at the arena for a Utah Jazz game or countless other forms of entertainment,” says Chris Barney, chief commercial officer for the Utah Jazz. 

“We are thrilled to renew our partnership with Alsco Uniforms and continue building upon our collective goals.”

Alsco says it is returning for a second season of partnering with the Philadelphia 76ers.

As part of this partnership, Alsco Uniforms will be showcased on the Floor Crew shirts and pants and on the mop itself along with other in-arena advertising to help promote its brand and showcase to 76ers fans why It Pays to Keep Clean™ with Alsco Uniforms.

“Alsco has been an incredible partner of the Philadelphia 76ers, elevating our team on and off the court,” says Owen Morin, 76ers senior vice president, corporate partnerships. 

“We’re fortunate to partner with a company in Alsco that shares the same passion for success as we head into the 2023-24 NBA season.”


This year, Alsco Uniforms added three partnerships with NBA teams: the Orlando Magic, Milwaukee Bucks and Indiana Pacers.

The Orlando Magic partnership will include Alsco company branding displayed during Magic home games on mops and the mop crew.

“The Magic are excited to team up with an established, global brand like Alsco Uniforms,” says Magic Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships J.T. McWalters. 

“We look forward to integrating Alsco’s brand in unique ways around the Magic experience, and showcasing all they can bring to consumers and businesses both in Central Florida and beyond.”

The partnership will also feature additional brand integrations including in-arena signage and as the featured partner for the Magic’s halftime score on the team’s social platforms.

Alsco Uniform’s new partnership with the Bucks also includes the company being showcased on the Mop Crew shirts and the mop itself throughout the season.

Matt Pazaras, the Bucks’ chief business development and strategy officer, says, “We’re excited to partner with Alsco Uniforms. The Alsco Uniforms Mop Crew will be mopping the Bucks’ court in style during games this season, expertly outfitted with Alsco uniforms and mopheads.”

Finally, Alsco Uniforms is also the official sponsor of the Indiana Pacers Mop Crew.

Under this alliance, Alsco will equip the Pacers’ Alsco Uniforms Mop Crew with uniforms showcasing the adaptability and functionality of Alsco’s workwear, while the crew ensures a pristine playing surface for the team. 

The Alsco Uniforms Mop Crew will use branded mops courtesy of Alsco Uniforms.

Terry Tiernon, Pacers SVP of Corporate Partnerships, remarks, “The Indiana Pacers are pleased to be partnering with Alsco Uniforms this season at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. 

“Alsco Uniforms is a trailblazer in their industry, and we enjoy working with a national company that has a strong local presence.”

Alsco Uniforms Continuing, Adding NBA Partnerships

(Photo: Alsco Uniforms)

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