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In Memoriam: Chris Duffett, TLC Tri-State

Originally from United Kingdom, joined company as VP of sales in 1998

VALDOSTA, Ga. — TLC Tri-State Laundry Companies, headquartered here, reports that Chris Duffett, former vice president of sales, has died (1942-2023).

He originally traveled to the United States in1981 after working with Peter Hamlin at BMM Westin for 20 years in the United Kingdom.

Duffet then assumed the role of sales manager for Gary Johnson, president/owner of Unipress, and worked in the Minnesota and later Tampa region for many years.

He joined Matt Stephenson’s newly founded company, Tri-State Technical Services, in 1998 as the vice president of sales, where he worked diligently mentoring the sales team and working alongside the parts and service team.

TLC Tri-State says Duffett easily developed repeat clients based upon his knowledge, close-knit relationship with the sales team, and, just as importantly, his respect for the Stephenson family and love of the industry.

He remained a loyal employee of TLC Tri-State until his retirement and subsequent relocation to Arkansas in 2016.  

Duffett will be fondly remembered for his lovely British accent, incredible intellect and captivating storytelling.

In his own recent words, “I have been a very fortunate individual and have had the opportunity to explore every dream.”  

The company says part of his dream was not only having the opportunity to work alongside Matt Stephenson in growing TLC Tri-State but also his fortune in being well-loved by a devoted wife and family, with friends and associates from all corners of the world.

In Memoriam: Chris Duffett, TLC Tri-State

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