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Brobeck Named ALM Executive Director

Takes over Nov. 1 from retiring longtime executive director Fairbanks

RICHMOND, Ky. — The Association for Linen Management (ALM) reports it has appointed Sarah Brobeck as its new executive director.

She will succeed retiring executive director Linda Fairbanks and assume responsibilities on Nov. 1.

Fairbanks first met Brobeck when she attended the Laundry & Linen College and described the journey as “a joy to watch her grow into various aspects of the textile care services industry.”

ALM says Brobeck has served in roles from laundry operations to vendor sales, providing a unique perspective and in-depth knowledge of the many different aspects of the textile care industry.

“Sarah’s firsthand experience will provide a great value to the industry in the days and years ahead,” says Fairbanks. “I wish Sarah, the Board of Directors, staff and the membership the very best.” 

ALM says that Brobeck’s more than 15 years of experience working in the textile care industry, extensive knowledge and positive approach will ensure the association remains steadfast in its commitment to advance excellence in the textile care industry through education, certification and best practices. 

“I am very proud of ALM and the major milestones we have achieved over the past years, and excited for this new milestone,” says James Mangini, ALM Board president.

“Sarah brings a wealth of experience to this role, as well as an abundance of strong industry relationships. I am thrilled to welcome Sarah to the team.”

Brobeck is no stranger to ALM. Previously, she served as ALM Board secretary and director, taught CLLM reviews, presented at IMPACT, as well as instructed and acted as a facilitator at the Laundry & Linen College.

“I am honored to join the ALM staff,” she says. “ALM is an association that is a leader in providing professional development for the textile care industry.

“This is an important time for ALM to strengthen educational opportunities and resources as well as build a supportive network that will aid in our success.”

As ALM continues to evolve and grow, it says its purpose and core values will continue to be the resource for safety, efficiency and quality expertise.

Brobeck Named ALM Executive Director

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