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Textile Provider Helps Youth Wake Up Refreshed for School

Standard Textile gave away 1,000 pillows to improve quality of sleep

CINCINNATI — Standard Textile Co. Inc., a provider in the healthcare and hospitality textile markets, reports it gave away 1,000 pillows on Sept. 29 to help improve the quality of sleep of families living in the West End neighborhood of Cincinnati.

Mariah Jones, a West End resident and dance coach at Q-KIDZ Dance Team proposed the pillow giveaway while working as an intern in Standard Textile’s marketing department. 

As a dance coach at Q-KIDZ, Jones has worked with West End youth since 2006 and knows, firsthand, the positive impact a good night’s rest has on a person’s performance, both in school and on the dance floor.

The West End neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio has a population of 5,648, according to a City of Cincinnati 2021 Climate Equity Report, with a poverty rate of 48.8%. 

As an intern at Standard Textile, Jones conducted research that indicated many youths sleep without a pillow or a pillow that Jones states “looks like a pancake.” 

When Standard Textile’s leadership learned that area youth sleep without a pillow, it hit home.

Standard Textile’s President Alex Heiman states, “When my great grandfather Charles Heiman, settled in Cincinnati over 80 years ago, he couldn’t find employment. 

“As a German immigrant who had been incarcerated in the Dachau concentration camp, he came to Cincinnati to create a new life for his family. So, he began sewing pillowcases and sold them to local hospitals and inns. That’s how the company started.”

FC Cincinnati Foundation helped support Standard Textile’s effort by holding the pillow giveaway at TQL Stadium. A pillow cover and pillowcase were given away with each pillow.

Heiman adds, “What remains consistent through four generations of family leadership is our commitment to creating innovative products that help customers and people around the world experience a more comfortable life.”


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Textile Provider Helps Youth Wake Up Refreshed for School

(Photo: Standard Textile)

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