New Year, New Goals, New Challenges

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New Year, New Goals, New Challenges

2023 ‘waiting for us like a blank canvas waiting for paint’

TULSA, Okla. — Many will be relieved to be out of 2022, while others will look back at 2022 and bask in the glory of how well it went for them.

I know I, personally, have been through a bad circumstance; however, I have also been a part of a few projects that I am proud of how they turned out.

I think that is how most years go—a lot of highs and always a few lows.

Now we all have 2023 waiting for us like a blank canvas waiting for paint. Most laundries are looking for a reason to try and make improvements, and the turning of the calendar is usually a good one.

Deciding which program to start is usually the hardest decision. I have a few suggestions that you might try.

Take a walk through your facility like it is your first time to lay eyes on it.

We all build up our walls with the thinking that how we are performing tasks is the only way they can be performed. Sometimes how processes are working in our mind is not how it is working on the production floor.

This is true, especially with equipment. Folders get to where they fold and run, but they are not making that perfect fold or kicking out way too many pieces instead of folding them.

Watch your employees perform their tasks and see what can be improved. Can you eliminate steps or make working environment improvements?

When you are walking through your plant, it is a good time to ask yourself if it looks how you would like. Maybe a fresh coat of paint or adding lighting will bring it to your desired level. Paint is an inexpensive way to improve employee morale as well.

The cleanliness of your facility always needs to be monitored. The start of a new year is a perfect time to start a new cleaning program.

I have been in very few laundries that put time and thought into keeping their facility clean daily. We all know how to spruce up the place for visits. Keeping it that way daily is a whole other ballgame.

The start of the year usually brings out new personal goals for us. Lose a few extra pounds, exercise more, etc. It is also a good time to set goals for your facility.

I know we have always put out our best numbers when we are working toward accreditation. New accreditations are always effective ways to jump-start your plant’s production numbers.

Most accreditations involve fine-tuning your plant processes. This is the time we usually discover our current process may not be up to par or delivering the desired effect.

I have always enjoyed online classes to help with our daily work routine. We all like those neat graphs that others have in their reports. There are plenty of courses that can show you how to make graphs or spice up your weekly reports.

When you are deciding on your plans for 2023, always remember that however you find the current condition of your facility, you did not get there overnight; therefore, you will not make huge changes overnight as well.

I worked for several years for a guy that always talked about laundries being like battleships. They do not pivot on a dime.

It takes time to turn the big ship around.

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