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Gurtler Logistics Celebrates First Year of Service

Company says unit enhanced customer service, improved on-time delivery, schedule flexibility

SOUTH HOLLAND, Ill. —Gurtler Industries, a manufacturer of detergents, specialty chemicals and injection systems for the commercial laundry industry, reports that it is celebrating the first anniversary of Gurtler Logistics, a fully owned and operated division of the company dedicated to providing product-delivery services to its customers. 

Over the last few years, the company says the industry has experienced increased challenges with delivery services due to the availability of appropriate trucks and drivers. To meet these challenges, Gurtler invested in a fleet of semi-tractor/trailers and bulk tankers and hired a staff of fully qualified drivers. 

“The formation of our Logistics unit allows us to better control our delivery services, keeping our promise of on-time delivery,” says Greg Gurtler, president of Gurtler Industries. “Plus, our customers benefit from having a Gurtler employee on site for personalized delivery service.”

After one year of operation, the company says Gurtler Logistics has been “an unqualified success.” 

Gurtler Industries says the unit has enhanced customer service, improved on-time delivery and provided more flexibility in scheduling.

In addition, the company says its team of drivers is trained and certified in hazardous materials handling and safety, assuring that bulk chemicals are safely off-loaded and packaged goods are safely handled and delivered.

Gurtler Industries says it delivers 100% of its bulk chemical orders and most full truckload orders for packaged goods.

Also, Gurtler delivers less-than-truckload orders and combined customer orders wherever possible. Recently Gurtler Logistics made the first run to the West Coast from its Chicago-area headquarters. 

Gurtler’s fleet consists of eight tractors, six 53-foot trailers, one 53-foot insulated/refrigerated trailer, three multi-compartment bulk liquid, 4,000-gallon tankers and two single-compartment tankers. 

The company says it plans to add to the fleet as it continues to expand its service areas. 

Gurtler Industries says employs eight company drivers and one contracted owner/operator, plus two logistics planners in its headquarters facility here. 

In addition to delivering customer orders, the company says bulk liquid tankers also pick up bulk chemical raw materials from vendor terminals in the greater Chicago area. 

As an additional service to its customers, Gurtler Industries says its trucks pick up empty containers such as chemical 220- or 330-gallon totes and 55-gallon drums across most of the eastern United States.

“Our customers say they appreciate our continued commitment to being a value-added partner,” says Greg Gurtler. “Plus, they see this as another example of how Gurtler reacts to problems and implements solutions.” 

Brett Jasik, director of Gurtler Logistics says, “I am extremely pleased at how fast our operation has grown and met our early goals. Having our own drivers and trucks gives us better control over continually rising costs and ensures more efficient and safer delivery of our chemicals.

“And on-time delivery performance makes our customers’ operations run more smoothly.”


Gurtler Forms Logistics Group, May 25, 2022

Gurtler Logistics Celebrates First Year of Service

(Photo: Gurtler Industries)

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