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CITY RSR Retires After 25 Years of Service

Covered same route throughout career

OELWEIN, Iowa — CITY Laundering Co., based here, reports that route service representative (RSR) Tim Nuss retired on Aug. 31 after 25 years.  

Nuss started at CITY in August 1998 after being recruited by a fellow colleague and once he started at CITY, he says he “never wanted to work anyplace else.”

“Building relationships and making friends is what makes everyday fun. I’ll tell a joke, have a conversation, and it just makes the day a lot more enjoyable. I spend time outside of work with some of my customers, they’ve just become good friends of mine over the years.”

Nuss started at CITY as a route service representative and serviced the same route throughout his entire career.

CITY President Colin Wetlaufer has worked with Nuss for his whole career and experienced, firsthand, the impact Nuss had at CITY.

“He is someone who wakes up and takes care of business while caring about other people. It’s just been an absolute pleasure to work with him, and I’ll miss him,” says Wetlaufer.

Nuss’s Northeast Iowa route will be covered by a fellow route service representative who has spent the last two and a half years training for it. 

“It always stuck with me just how special he made every customer feel, and I hope to continue those relationships that he started,” Nuss’s replacement, Tim Downs, says.


Training the ‘Face of the Company,’ Jan. 24, 2017

CITY RSR Retires After 25 Years of Service

Tim Nuss retired after servicing the same route, since day one, for 25 years. (Photo: CITY Laundering Co.)

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