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Healthcare Laundry Capital Investment Underway

Emerald Textiles’ $15 million capital investment will span across all of its healthcare laundry facilities in 2022

SAN DIEGO — Emerald Textiles, a healthcare laundry service provider based here, reports that $15 million in capital projects are underway with technology advancements and improvements across its 12 commercial healthcare linen and laundry processing facilities.

The company says it has invested nearly $50 million in capital since 2017 through new equipment, innovation, re-tooling of facilities, and the building of a brand new, high-tech facility from the ground up in Livingston, California, in 2019.

Since then, Emerald has doubled in size, expanding its commercial footprint in December 2021 with the addition of six processing facilities.

Today the company shares it owns and operates 12 linen and laundry processing facilities and three service centers that service the major healthcare networks and hospitals across California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

Emerald says it is underway with several new highly efficient, automated equipment installations, as well as facility improvement projects as part of a $15 million capital investment spanning across all facilities in 2022.

The company says its strategic capital deployment remains focused on innovation, resource-saving equipment and processes, automation, people, and productivity.

It adds that its “unwavering mission is to deliver high-quality products and trusted services to help our customers achieve what matters most: affordable and quality patient care.

“Emerald’s facilities are designed and strategically built to provide unmatched contingency planning, able to withstand rapid healthcare demands and remain agile in health crises.”

The largest of the investment includes the facility in Los Angeles and the facility in Livingston, California, which services the Northern California market, says the company.

Emerald Textiles Los Angeles will have received three project phases with final completion expected by the end of the third quarter, beginning with a new LAVATEC 50,000-pound continuous batch washer, extended conveyor, new boilers, automated cart dumpers and new automated bagging system for isolation gown and linen packaging.

Currently underway is the massive Kannegiesser ETECH Rail System that will span across the soil side and clean side of the facility that will include new computerized sorting systems and dispatch of suspended linen bags on overhead rails that will transfer linen through the sorting, wash and finalization process.

Emerald says efficiencies and automation are key in its unwavering focus on its customers, products and service.

In Northern California, major expansion and growth plans are underway at the Livingston, California, facility, the company shares. Recently, Livingston installed a new Kannegiesser FA-X Servo garment folding robot that delivers a fast way to folding garments with extreme precision and robotic sensory intelligence that automatically reads and processes up to eight different types of garments at one time.

Livingston is also preparing for the large installation of a new Kannegiesser garment finishing system that Emerald says will greatly increase speed, automation, sorting precision and higher outputs with the newest computerized technology and rail systems.

The new system will take on fast and easy data retrieval, simplify and improve control, reduce linen defects, and consistently deliver superior finishing quality with healthcare scrubs and garments, according to the company, to “improve our customer satisfaction levels and drive healthcare’s garment processing for the wider Northern California market.”

Healthcare Laundry Capital Investment Underway

Emerald Textiles Los Angeles’ Kannegiesser ETECH Rail System will span across the soil side and clean side of the facility. (Photo: Emerald Textiles)

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