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ImageFIRST Adds Scrub Collection to Product Line

Company says Wink INDY scrubs meets caregiver requests

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. — ImageFIRST®, a provider of healthcare linen rental, laundry and facility services, reports that it has added the Wink INDYTM Scrub collection to its product lineup. 

The company says the line of medical scrubs is set to redefine comfort, style and functionality for healthcare professionals. 

“This partnership represents a significant step forward in our commitment to enhance the staff experience for our customers,” says ImageFIRST Chief Revenue Officer Bill Roberts. 

“Caregivers have requested a four-way stretch scrub, and by collaborating with the creators of Wink INDY, we can now provide it with an enhanced level of safety for both staff and patients.”

Ensuring both staff and patient safety, these retail-inspired scrubs are hygienically cleaned before delivery to medical facilities and feature a retail fit with an industrial laundry-friendly fabric. 

Designed with the modern healthcare workforce in mind, the Wink INDY scrub line combines four-way stretch, fashion fit and a wide range of styles to offer professionals the ultimate comfort and performance. 

Whether in a bustling hospital environment or a private clinic, ImageFIRST says the scrubs are engineered to enhance the daily work experience of those on the frontline of patient care while enhancing a healthcare provider’s brand. 

Notable for its retail-friendly reputation, the company says the Wink INDY scrub line stands out as a choice that not only prioritizes functionality but also aligns with infection prevention standards healthcare professionals require. 

ImageFIRST Adds Scrub Collection to Product Line

(Photo: ImageFIRST)

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