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No Clean Show? No Problem! (Day 3)

Final day, group of online trade show ‘exhibitors’

CHICAGO — It’s been a long 16 months or so, but the world is finally emerging from the pandemic.

There’s still a ways to go, and people and businesses are still dealing with the effects.

One of those effects that hampers the laundry and linen services industry is that The Clean Show, North America’s largest textile care exhibition, had to be postponed until 2022; however …

No Clean Show? No problem!

American Laundry News is stepping in this year to bring the trade show floor to you.

Display advertisers in 2021 (through June) of equipment, products and services share what they have to offer your operation.

Some exhibitors show off new products and services for your laundry. Others highlight their consistently beneficial offerings.

From chemicals to washroom equipment, from carts to packaging options, American Laundry News is proud to bring you the latest and greatest in the industry.

And many of the exhibitors have created or updated their offerings to take COVID-19 into account.

The “booth” articles have been submitted by the exhibiting companies. Any claims made in the entries are those of the participating companies, not American Laundry News.

Welcome to the final day! Let’s visit the trade show floor!


Miele Professional is a leading global manufacturer of premium commercial laundry products, committed to quality, hygiene and environmental standards.

Miele’s Benchmark series offers the greener way to clean. It’s been 30 years since Miele introduced its first WetCare® laundry solution, with environmental sustainability and innovation continuing to guide the company today.

Miele’s Benchmark Performance and Performance Plus machines offer unmatched fabric protection and superior performance across a range of basic textiles and specialty garments—all while reducing energy and resource consumption.

And as businesses across the commercial laundry industry reemerge into a changed world—with sanitization and hygiene more relevant than ever—Miele laundry systems can help meet today’s challenges.

Washing machines should feature high-temperature disinfection programs, which is a safe and secure process for infection control. While high temperatures help disinfect textiles, the ability to hold that high temperature for a specific amount of time is critical.

Miele Professional machines are highly programmable and unique in their temperature programmability, offering narrow variations of 3 F up or down. This allows thermal disinfection to be achieved very easily and accurately in a time when it matters most.

Wherever innovative products with outstanding cleaning performance and strict hygiene requirements are needed, Miele Professional wants to be the first choice. Miele Professional laundry products are available for order by contacting an authorized manufacturer representative/dealer or reaching Miele Professional directly.


Davis Packaging’s affordable professional Laundry Wrappers will help laundries give customers the confidence and peace of mind that finished items are clean and safe and help laundries return to solid profitability.

Davis wrappers fully seal finished laundry and linens in attractive, crystal-clear poly-wrap to lock out dirt and outside contamination. Contents are easily identifiable and stay secure and protected during transport, delivery and storage.

For added cost savings, Davis’s sealed bundles minimize loss, separation and spills often resulting in costly replacement and refinishing. Ugly, high-cost, fixed-price bags can be eliminated in favor of variable cost “pay for what you use” poly wrap.

Davis Packaging’s newest line of space-saving wrappers suit any sized operation and are the only to include anti-burn safety features, height adjustability and simplified film loading. For those with existing Davis Packaging wrappers, easy-to-install add-on height adjustment and safety protection kits are now available.

Whether a laundry is looking to enhance its current laundry packaging or its existing wrapping equipment, Davis wrappers and upgrade kits will instill customer confidence and ensure the laundry stands out from the crowd.


Steam generation is the lifeblood of a laundry facility, and it is critical to choose a steam boiler to meet production needs. Miura manufactures on-demand, modular steam solutions with maximum efficiency, reliability and safety at the forefront of design to give industries—including laundry facilities—lasting peace of mind.

Made by dedicated steam experts outside of Atlanta, Miura boilers offer a state-of-the-art century design that respects the environment and operator safety.

The biggest advantage to choosing a modular boiler is the compact footprint. Instead of buying a larger, costly boiler to grow into, the system grows to meet the exact output needed. The compact size allows facilities to cut the boiler-room space required in half or double the output capacity in the same space compared to a firetube.

The compact size allows for easy operation from the push of a button with a user-friendly interface that puts operators in complete control. The connected, on-demand system produces steam from a cold start in less than five minutes, saving valuable resources, such as water and fuel, and meeting or exceeding local NOx emissions regulations.

The last thing any high-volume commercial laundry facility wants is a mandatory shut down due to lengthy maintenance. Built safer by design, routine maintenance procedures are simple to perform, and the innovatively engineered low-water content design reduces stored pressure—eliminating catastrophic risk.

Laundries can trust that operators stay safe and their steam-generation investment produces high-quality, efficient steam for years to come.


Laundry Equipment Services Inc. is a family-owned and -operated commercial laundry equipment distributor serving the Mid-Atlantic region with parts, sales and service. Its area includes the states of District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

The company’s goal is to offer its customers the highest level of service available. Its offerings include service, replacement components, new equipment sales and routine preventive maintenance plans, as well as duct-cleaning service.

Laundry Equipment Services endeavors to assist the laundry industry within its region to emerge stronger than before. To do this, its staff strives to provide an immediate response and rapid turnaround for equipment service and replacement.

The company has also increased its support staff and is assisting financially with a variety of specific, targeted discounts and flexible payment options.

Ultimately, Laundry Equipment Services treats each situation on an individual basis to ensure its customers not only reopen but get back to full occupancy as quickly as possible.


In over four decades, NORCHEM has been a leader in the laundering industry from advanced textile chemistry to wastewater filtration and innovations.

With the impact of COVID-19 in today’s society, NORCHEM remains committed to supporting laundry operators and others alike to maintain not only the hygienically clean status of processed textiles but also a hygienic environment through their newest line of hygienic and sanitization consumer products.

The development of these FDA and EPA products, KLENZ and MICROKLEAN, was made possible through the years of industry experience and knowledge from the dedicated NORCHEM staff.

Much like its commitment to a sustainable future, NORCHEM recognizes this time as an opportunity to come together with its loyal laundry customers to make the world cleaner and safer for everyone.

“This wasn’t made as a revenue-generating activity. That wasn’t the principle,” says Michael Soussa, director of sales for NORCHEM. “The principle is to help bring confidence to the community and to help the economy. Our goal is to aid in providing a safe environment for workers, to bring the economy back to where it needs to be.”

NORCHEM is a leader in advanced textile chemistry, sustainable water solutions, engineered process systems and professional cleaning products.


Before the current health crisis, ozone was considered one of the most efficient virus retardants in nature. It has been used for myriad disinfecting purposes in homes and businesses.

EDRO Corp., a manufacturer of battleship-quality laundry equipment, harnesses ozone disinfection with its DynOzone Disinfecting & Sanitizing Laundry System-equipped washer-extractor.

DynOzone uses UV radiation to create two types of activated oxygen gas (germicidal ozone and oxidizing ozone). This is then injected directly into the washtub to kill bacteria, dangerous pathogens and odors.

The DynOzone Disinfecting & Sanitizing Laundry System is a complete, all-in-one system. All DynOzone components are built into and fully integrated within the machine. DynOzone laundry systems have been successfully processing laundry in hotel laundries, shirt laundries, nursing homes, firehouses, prisons, commercial laundries and other on-premises laundries since 2006.

Another benefit of using the built-in, onboard DynOzone Disinfecting & Sanitizing Laundry System is, because of its cleaning properties, every DynOzone-equipped machine is automatically sanitized when used.

The company has launched a sister website,, to share its system and introduce its DDC400 DynOzone Disinfecting Cabinet with exclusive PowerCell ozone technology.

“We are excited to launch this brand-new, easy-to-navigate website,” says EDRO’s Sales & Marketing Manager David Burnham.

“The site gives visitors an overview of the DDC400 DynOzone Disinfecting Cabinet. We are excited about this latest addition to the EDRO product line and are looking forward to the cabinet becoming a milestone product for the company.”

The site will be updated regularly with demonstration videos, product releases and informative posts about ozone. It will also be active on social media with pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Thanks for attending! You can always go back and check out the information from Day 1 HERE, and click HERE for the exhibitors from Day 2!

No Clean Show

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