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No Clean Show? No Problem! (Day 1)

Magazine fills in trade show gap with online version of expo

CHICAGO — It’s been a long 16 months or so, but the world is finally emerging from the pandemic.

There’s still a ways to go, and people and businesses are still dealing with the effects.

One of those effects that hampers the laundry and linen services industry is that The Clean Show, North America’s largest textile care exhibition, had to be postponed until 2022; however …

No Clean Show? No problem!

American Laundry News is stepping in this year to bring the trade show floor to you.

Display advertisers in 2021 (through June) of equipment, products and services share what they have to offer your operation.

Some exhibitors show off new products and services for your laundry. Others highlight their consistently beneficial offerings.

From chemicals to washroom equipment, from carts to packaging options, American Laundry News is proud to bring you the latest and greatest in the industry.

And many of the exhibitors have created or updated their offerings to take COVID-19 into account.

The “booth” articles have been submitted by the exhibiting companies. Any claims made in the entries are those of the participating companies, not American Laundry News.

So, come on—let’s visit the trade show floor!


In laundries, the new ANTI‐BACT membrane from MAXI‐PRESS contributes to a significant reduction of germs in laundry for hospitals and care facilities. As a result, both patients and staff are significantly better protected against germ contamination. In addition to testing by the German Hohenstein Institute, customers confirm the advantages of the membranes.

Laundries that offer healthcare textile services use the ANTI‐BACT membrane in particular. The new membrane enables more hygienic processing of the laundry in all common water-extraction presses.

The membrane’s mode of action actively prevents the formation of germs on its surface. The laundry is thus protected from germs and organic deposits during the entire pressing process. MAXI‐PRESS manufactures the ANTI‐BACT membrane for water extraction presses of all common laundry machine manufacturers.

These also have all the well‐known advantages of MAXI‐PRESS, such as guaranteed 30,000 press cycles, fast delivery, manufacturer independence, installation service and much more.

ANTI‐BACT or the special material in combination with the membrane is a certified and protected product of MAXI‐PRESS Elastomertechnik GmbH. The effective period of the ANTI‐BACT membranes is unlimited.

The production of ANTI‐BACT membranes is carried out on a new production line specially commissioned for this product series, which is unique in the world for the manufacture of water extraction membranes: the WKP 20,000 S elastomer press. MAXI‐PRESS uses it to compress the special material for the antibacterial membranes at a pressure of 2,000 tons.

The enormous closing force of the press makes it possible to compact new rubber compounds with a higher natural rubber content. This in turn promotes the elasticity of the membranes. The production facilities of MAXI‐PRESS and especially the new press enable the highest quality, innovative solutions and a very good price‐performance ratio.


Pellerin Milnor Corp. is a leading manufacturer in the commercial laundry machinery industry. Milnor equipment ranges in size and serves a spectrum of markets.

Featuring washer-extractors from 25-700 pounds of capacity, automated tunnel washing systems for processing 7,000 pounds per hour or more, dryers, material handling systems and laundry computer networks, Milnor machines have a proud legacy of durability.

Milnor has introduced several new products and features, including a simple loop rail system and soil rail with sort deck system, 40-pound soft-mount and 275-pound soft-mount washer-extractors, weigh-scale with ratio wash/rinse option for suspended washer-extractors and the split tank PulseFlow® tunnel washer which enhances its wash and rinse performance.

Milnor and its industry-leading dealer network provide service, technical support and fast parts availability for idle laundries ready to reopen or those ramping up in production as business returns.

In addition, Milnor offers a wide range of innovative and utility-saving washing, drying and batch washer systems to help laundries be more efficient than ever. Financing and leasing programs are available as well.


Welcome to the JENSEN-GROUP, the world’s leading industrial laundry machinery manufacturer with JENSEN-owned manufacturing facilities in five countries, and two partnership manufacturing facilities. This is all supported by sales and service facilities in 22 countries.

JENSEN USA is located in Panama City, Florida, which serves as one of its manufacturing facilities, as well as its North American sales and service center. Service support is also located regionally across North America.

The ongoing pandemic has forever changed the way laundry does business. In order for the industry to thrive and survive, JENSEN continues to innovate new products that reduce the need for the ever-increasing difficult to obtain commodity—labor.

Its product development team is always looking forward. A few of its latest labor-reducing solutions include Inwatec robotics soil sorting systems, featuring artificial intelligence, for all types of linens (large and small) and all types of garments.

JENSEN just introduced the Jenrail Express Compact that allows for continuous feeding of large pieces into the Express series cornerless feeder. Another recent introduction is the Katana/Bottom-Up large- and small-piece innovation, which is a multi-purpose compact solution for the processing of high-quality large pieces in one or two lanes and the stacking of small pieces in multiple lanes, all with auto-discharge, which eliminates the need for an operator on the back-side to manually handle goods.

JENSEN offers many other labor-saving solutions for laundry operations.


Maxi-Movers by ChemTainer is North America’s largest and longest-serving manufacturer of plastic carts and trucks for the storage, transportation and exchange of textiles and materials.

A designation as an essential supplier, and the implementation of internal COVID mitigation policies, has enabled the company to keep all factories fully operational, without a single day lost. Proactive measures like increasing its component and raw-material stocking levels have helped to prevent supply-chain disruptions from delaying the completion of orders.

Although the costs for raw materials and freight have continued to trend upward significantly without signs of relief on the horizon, and the expenditures associated with mitigation/PPE/local mandates were unplanned, Maxi-Movers has worked to absorb as much of these expenses as possible.

For the past several months, each factory has increased its production capacity with additional second or third shifts and expanded its workweek to six days, all in an effort to better serve and meet the staggering demand from its partners in the healthcare and laundry/linen processing sectors.

In another positive development, a new Maxi-Movers website went live in late April. The revamped website is much cleaner, easier to navigate and far more informative about the product details, features and advantages of each model and product line.


Royal Basket Trucks Inc.® is a privately-owned manufacturer of high-quality material handling carts. It focuses on providing cart solutions that fit the specific needs of laundry operations.

The company’s solutions are endless, from commercial laundry and uniform companies to drycleaners and coin-ops, Royal® has a material-handling solution available. It provides standard products, as well as heavy-duty solutions for “drops,” bulk transport solutions and covers, and laundry-specific carts such as flatwork ironers and extractors.

Along with its standard product line, Royal® also offers custom solutions. Its world-class engineering team is dedicated to making any size cart fit a laundry’s environment for optimal efficiency.

Royal® recently introduced new products to its Bulk Transport and Route Cart Series. These product lines now feature the Bulk Security Cart and the Mat Carts, which are ergonomically designed to improve process efficiencies.

Royal Basket Truck Inc.® is a Wisconsin-based manufacturer located in Darien. The company is built on a solid foundation of innovation, hard work, creativity and extraordinary quality. Its innovative solutions are supported by years of experience within many industries and environments. Every cart is manufactured to order with a standard lead time of seven to 10 business days.

The limits are endless when working with Royal Basket Trucks®, a preferred manufacturer of material handling solutions for nearly 40 years.


Washing Systems (WSI) is the leading provider of innovative products and services to the commercial laundry processing industry. WSI continues to set the standard in the cleaning, processing and disinfecting of textiles while building hands-on partnerships with its customers.

As the trusted innovator in the industry, WSI has a decorated history of introducing landmark innovations to commercial laundries, and TRUpath™, a revolutionary wash process with universal applications, has changed the way the industry washes.

With TRUpath, WSI was awarded the U.S. EPA Greener Reaction Award for its “outstanding green technologies.” This patent-pending wash process washes free of alkali, extending textile life, saving machine hours and produces hygienically clean textiles. A gentler wash process removes concerns of alkaline hydrolysis and produces whiter whites and brighter brights.

Better for the planet and a laundry’s bottom line, TRUpath optimizes the energy and water consumption of each load, yielding significant savings and benefits to each plant. Completely free of alkali, NPEs, and phosphates, WSI has introduced this technology to truly optimize all operations in a plant to significantly enhance plant capacity and allow significant savings in utilities.

In addition, WSI introduced TRU-UV™. Specially designed for tunnel washers, TRU-UV technology saves valuable resources and decreases the impact on the environment.

The innovative photochemical washing process greatly extends fiber life, provides a superior hygienic wash, and provides optimum stain and soil removal producing whiter whites, with less water and energy for truly smart washing in every load.

Welcome to the future of commercial laundry.

Come back Tuesday for Day 2 of the online expo!