Magnus Textile Donates Nearly 4,000 Towels to Puerto Rico

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Organizations say island a humanitarian crisis post-Maria

CHELMSFORD, Mass. — Magnus Textile has donated nearly 4,000 towels to the Red Cross in Puerto Rico to aid in the hurricane relief effort following the devastation of Hurricane Maria, the company reports.

Magnus worked in conjunction with Crown Linen, as well as JSA Trucking in the delivery of the towels to the Red Cross.

The company says Ryan Zaucha, Southeast sales manager for Magnus Textile, responded to a request sent out to the Florida hospitality community by Mary Esposito, a member of the disaster action team.

 “I want to thank Ryan Zaucha of Magnus Textile for answering the call I put out to the hospitality industry,” Esposito writes.

The towels were initially intended for Red Cross shelters in Florida, but after Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria, the towels were instead shipped on a Red Cross ship to Puerto Rico.

“An amazing true story that has a happy ending due to a great company like Magnus Textile,” writes Esposito.

Hurricane Maria is the worst natural disaster the island has seen in nearly a century, the company says. Organizations on the ground have called it a humanitarian crisis, with the majority of Puerto Ricans stuck lacking running water and electricity. An estimated 30,000 to 90,000 homes were destroyed in the storm.

The Red Cross is on the ground in Puerto Rico and will continue to be on the ground working with dozens of disaster partners like the Salvation Army and Save the Children to support feeding, child care, disaster assessment and other services to help affected communities.

“The Magnus Textile team was grateful for the opportunity to support the Red Cross’ efforts in Puerto Rico,” says Zaucha. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to those in Puerto Rico still suffering from the devastation of this terrible event.”


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