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ROANOKE, Va. — What is the primary focus of a good manager? I think too often, as managers, we get lost in the weeds of everyday life and fail to focus on the really important things.

A good manager should focus on delivering value to his organization or ownership, his customers, and his employees. During the past several years, there have been ample opportunities for managers to increase value to all three groups. Let’s quickly review some of them:


These types of mops are designed to be easier to use, provide better cleaning and disinfecting in the healthcare environment, and protect a critical portion of your business.


This product is a cost-effective way to lessen the environmental impact of the healthcare industry. They are more comfortable for the end-users to wear, and provide better protection for the healthcare worker. The additional volume is a nice addition to any laundry facility.


Cubicle curtains have been identified as a possible source of contamination in a patient’s room. More frequent cleaning is being recommended, and the need to develop a quick, effective cleaning program is becoming essential.

The days of curtains hanging in a room for months or years are gone. Many hospitals have been sending their curtains out to local cleaners to get them processed, and many are paying by the square inch for this service. Developing a cost-effective cubicle curtain program requires minimal research on the part of the manager. The healthcare facility benefits by reducing the cost and improving the turnaround, the patient benefits from a cleaner curtain, and the laundry benefits from having the additional volume.


Effective environmental cleaning in the hospital is the first line of defense. Patients are carefully watching the work of their housekeepers. Lately, there has been an increase in the number of complaints concerning using the same cloth to clean the bathroom and the bedside table. Patients are looking for a readily identifiable change in procedure.

Colored microfiber cleaning cloths are ideal for use, because they do not lint and can be purchased in the preferred 12x12 size. One color can be used for the bathroom and a different color for the patient’s room. This product replaces the use of washcloths as cleaning cloths, increases the effectiveness of cleaning, provides greater patient satisfaction, and is easily processed by the laundry.

In all four of these cases, the laundry manager has increased value at all levels of his or her operation. By increasing the value, the manager increases customer satisfaction and employee job security.

Based on what is happening in our country, with high levels of unemployment, I take my responsibility to provide good working conditions and stable employment to my employees seriously. By focusing on adding value to my operation through improving existing products, adding new products or improving production, I meet this goal.

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Eric Frederick

Eric Frederick served 44 years in laundry management before retiring and remains active in the industry as a laundry operations consultant. You can contact him by e-mail at or by phone at 540-520-6288.


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