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Advisory Firm Launched for Laundry Operators, Vendors

Beyond Washing will also manage TRSA certification auditors, processes

GREENVILLE, N.C. — Rudi Moors, a 32-year veteran of the laundry business, reports that he has created Beyond Washing LLC, a strategic services consultancy.

He says that the advisory firm is designed so he can inspire, challenge and assist vendors who can offer meaningful solutions, as well as help operators further improve their bottom line with specific recommendations.

“Beyond Washing is designed to help operators improve their operations, apply best practices and the best available technology, and focus on specific KPIs (key performance indicators),” Moors explains. 

“I want to give back to the industry that gave me so much, with strategies that can help shape someone’s future while saving them money and improving their ROI (return on investment).”

Moors will also provide expert advice to commercial and industrial laundries to help optimize plant operations, with his main focus on the wash aisle and utilities.

“For example, with wash aisle chemistry, most laundries only see it as 2-3% of their total costs,” he notes. “Who cares if you work to save 10% of that cost? 

“But if you can improve specific KPIs by optimizing your chemical program, you can impact over 20% of your total costs through water and energy savings, extended linen life and increased productivity. That’s real money that drops to the bottom line.”

Moors most recently was North America’s ambassador for European hygiene solutions provider Christeyns, and he has served in many top management capacities over the years. 

Shortly after beginning his career in 1992, he joined Henkel-Ecolab in Europe as a territory manager at the start of a 16-year stint with the company. 

Following subsequent promotions with international sales and division manager positions, he left the company in 2008 to become the marketing director of laundry technology at Belgium-based Christeyns.

Three years later, Moors was named president of Christeyns USA. 

Tasked with establishing headquarters south of Boston, he built the company’s business by introducing innovative chemical wash solutions and concepts, precise dosing equipment, water reuse concepts and wash aisle information systems. 

He also was active with several acquisitions and instrumental in the negotiations that led to a merger with UNX Industries in 2022.

Through a partnership with TRSA and its certification initiatives, Beyond Washing will manage the certification auditors and process. The auditors verify that plants meet established Hygienically Clean and Clean Green standards. 

“TRSA is looking forward to applying Rudi’s experience and expertise toward continuously improving and expanding its certification programs,” says Joseph Ricci, TRSA’s president and CEO.

Beyond Washing can be reached at 781-364-0247 or via e-mail at [email protected].

Advisory Firm Launched for Laundry Operators, Vendors

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