Expanding Laundry Business Revenue

It’s important for laundry operations to have balanced revenue, and this conversation with Rick Snyder, owner and general manager of U.S. Linen & Uniform in Richland, Washington, will explore how operations can expand wisely.

Episode: 39 September 22, 2021

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Episode: 47

Laundry Facility Fire Safety

Bill Sullivan, fire protection engineer for the City of Madison Fire Department in Wisconsin, and Markus Tarin, CEO of MoviTHERM, an innovator in fire detection technology, based in Irvine, California, talk about steps to take in the event of a fire along with detection/prevention ideas.
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Today’s Textiles

Duane Houvener, national sales manager for American Dawn, provides insider discussion about modern textiles and how performance and processability have been improved.
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The Laundry Brand

A commercial laundry today, no matter the size, needs to create its unique brand to stand out, and this discussion with Asit Goel, vice president of marketing at UniFirst, will examine what steps to take.
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Laundry Labor Update

Guest Joseph Ricci, president and CEO of TRSA, talks about the current state of laundry hiring/training/retention, offers ideas and looks into the future of laundry labor.
Episode: 43

The Benefits of Trade Show Attendance

Greg Jira Greg Jira, show director for The Clean Show owned by Messe Frankfurt, talks about how laundry and linen service operators can be as effective as possible when attending industry trade shows, along with details about Clean in Atlanta.
Episode: 42

Supply-Chain Strategies

Jeff Landry Jeff Landry, managing director global supply chain for textile provider American Dawn, talks about the lessons learned from the supply-chain interruptions experienced in 2020 and how to be prepared in the future.