‘World’s Greatest!...’ TV Series Features Streamline Solutions

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ORLANDO, Fla. — Laundry supply manufacturer Streamline Solutions was recently featured on ION Network’s TV series World’s Greatest!..., which provided interviews, visuals and behind-the-scenes footage of Streamline Solutions’ applications and processes, the company reports.

“Streamline Solutions has been working with healthcare and hospitality laundries for many years with our products such as soiled-linen bags, cart covers and liners, along with laundry wrap,” says Streamline Solutions CEO Ross Sanders. “No doubt, How2Media picked Streamline Solutions to be on the World’s Greatest!... TV show due to our top-notch product quality and personalized solutions approach, all to exceed each laundry stakeholder’s goals.”

Sanders adds that the company’s various products and programs “define the success of our company.”

How2Media sent a film crew to Orlando to meet with the Streamline team at the site of one of its recently completed projects, according to the company. The objective was to learn the story behind the company’s “innovative, cost-saving applications.”


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