World Emblem Adds Territory Account Managers to Sales Structure

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MIAMI — World Emblem recently added the position of territory account manager to its sales structure, the company reports.

“This new fleet of territory account managers (TAMs) will be in charge of managing as well as building current customer relationships within their respective territories,” the company says. “By adding this new position, World Emblem will allow its sales force to work more closely with its existing customer base and develop new strategies on how to make its clients more profitable within their apparel decoration programs.”

The company’s customer base will be geographically divided into two sections, says World Emblem, with the western United States under the guidance of Tony Morando, while Canada and the eastern United States will be managed by Nicolas Restrepo.

“Each regional VP will be in charge of a specific group of TAMs. A total of six TAMs will be added on to World Emblem’s sales force: five within the United States and one in Canada,” the company explains. “Each TAM will manage the portion of World Emblem’s customer base solely lying within a specific jurisdiction designated to that particular TAM.”

Travel time will take up approximately half of a TAM’s total work schedule, during which they will make frequent visits to customers within their regions, the company says. “With varying backgrounds ranging from sales to plant management, our new fleet of TAMs is more than qualified to manage the responsibilities incumbent with their titles.”


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