UniFirst Garment Disinfection Service Passes Lab Scrutiny

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WILMINGTON, Mass. — Scientific testing by an independent laboratory has proven that UniFirst Corp.’s specialized laundering process used to disinfect and protect food industry garments destroys pathogens known to cause nearly 90 million cases of foodborne illnesses in the U.S. and Canada each year, UniFirst reports.

The UniSafe Service and Product Protection Process (PPP), offered through the company’s managed uniform rental programs, is a specialized hygienic laundering and handling service specifically designed to eliminate contamination threats on garments worn by employees within food-related businesses, whether they are found in manufacturing, processing, distribution, or retail.

Scientists at Environmental Monitoring Associates of Nashua, N.H., an independent laboratory services company, tested the process. Lab results measured reductions of the most common classes of pathogens on employee work apparel, including bacteria, yeasts, and molds—all recognized as sources of dangerous contamination in the consumer food supply chain.

“We’re obviously pleased that our UniFirst UniSafe Service passed all microbial tests with flying colors, effectively reducing microbiological contamination to levels approaching sterility, killing more than 99.9999% of pathogens,” says Adam Soreff, director of marketing and communications for UniFirst. “This is great news for our many food industry customers concerned with food product safety throughout all aspects of the supply chain, right down to the uniforms and the garment processing they receive.”


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