Textile Services Companies Enlist Firm for Expansions, Renovations


CLEAN the Uniform Co.
CLEAN the Uniform Co., St. Louis (Photo: ARCO/Murray National Construction Co.)


ALSCO, Anaheim, Calif.
ALSCO, Anaheim, Calif. (Photo: ARCO/Murray National Construction Co.)

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OAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill. — Three textile services companies have completed expansion and renovation of facilities across the United States in recent months with the assistance of ARCO/Murray National Construction Co. and its Laundry Division.

ARCO/Murray completed an 11,000-square-foot addition to the ALSCO plant in Anaheim, Calif. The project included 9,100 square feet of warehouse area, split into two levels, for a clean-side sort system newly installed by Bobco Systems.

The sorting system utilizes a rail system on both levels for the warehouse addition and conveyors on the first level to transfer clean items from the existing plant to the new addition.

The addition included eight dock doors for clean-side loading and 1,900 square feet of ADA-compliant office, break room and restroom area. It allowed ALSCO to consolidate three structures into one and will reduce the labor and time needed to load trucks with clean product.

A conditional use permit, following strict guidelines set forth by the Disneyland Resort Area Mitigation Plan, heavily governed the facility’s design. The exterior was required to meet certain aesthetic requirements while adhering to landscaping, energy saving and site drainage policies above and beyond those of a typical municipality, ARCO/Murray says.

The design and construction firm worked with G&K Services in the addition of a wastewater treatment building at the company’s Denver plant. The project added a 1,700-square-foot building, and retrofitted the existed building, to enclose both new and existing wastewater treatment equipment provided by Norchem Corp. Work on the addition and retrofit was scheduled to minimize conflicts with G&K operations and resulted in no shutdowns or delays.

The new system allows G&K to reclaim heat from 100% of the operation’s wastewater and provide the option to reuse much of the wastewater after treatment.

Another ARCO project was a facility expansion and equipment installation project for CLEAN the Uniform Co. in St. Louis. The project added more than 24,000 square feet to the company’s existing facility, which was built in 1955. The work included a new truck drive-through, soiled separating area, wash floor and finishing area to serve CLEAN’s retail medical operations.

The drive-through features two pit-style platform lifts to allow CLEAN’s route trucks to unload and load products. The finishing area made room for additional folding capacity, ironers, and utilized a belt conveyor to assist in processing. The new wash floor created room for new side-loading washers and new dryers. CLEAN installed an overhead storage rail in the soiled and clean areas within the addition. Construction was completed while the existing plant remained in operation. 


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