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Survey: Equipment Care, Training Most Valuable Distributor Services

Roughly two-thirds of laundry managers and administrators are satisfied with the service they receive from their distributors, according to this month's Wire survey.
Sixty-seven percent of respondents to the informal survey say they are either “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied,” while 24% are “neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.”
Those who are “somewhat dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied” accounted for roughly 9% of total responses.
Respondents deem “maintenance and repair” and “employee training” the most important services that their distributors provide, with each receiving roughly 30% of the votes.
“Site evaluation, design and construction advice” was selected by 13% of respondents. “Environmental compliance counseling” and “marketing, advertising and promotional support” received some interest (less than 5% each), and no one taking the survey selected “financing assistance.” The catch-all “other” received 17% of votes.
For respondents whose distributors don’t offer additional services or who haven’t taken advantage of them, “employee training” proved to be of most interest to 30%.
“Maintenance and repairs” and “site evaluation, design and construction advice” each received 25% of the votes. Next was “financing assistance” with 10%, followed by “marketing, advertising and promotional support” with 5%. “Other” was picked by the remaining 5%.
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