Survey: 62% Say More Than Two Years Since Last Lost-Time Injury

CHICAGO — Approximately 62% of respondents to this month’s Wire survey say it’s been longer than two years since an employee suffered a lost-time injury, and not a single one of the operations represented in our informal poll has been fined for a safety violation.
Upon learning of last month’s death of a laundry worker who became trapped in an industrial dryer, American Laundry News asked readers about their workplace safety.
Approximately 24% report having recorded a lost-time injury – a nonfatal traumatic injury that causes any loss of time from work beyond the day or shift it occurs – within the last six months. Another 14% say the last recorded lost-time injury at their facility occurred between seven and 24 months ago.
Virtually all (95%) say safety training and/or testing is a standard part of a new employee’s orientation. Approximately 90% provide continuing safety education or training for their employees, whether it’s offered once annually or more often.
Respondents split 50/50 on having utilized a consultant or other knowledgeable industry resource to visit their plant(s) and assess its safety.
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