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Shasta Linen Supply Electrifies Half of Delivery Fleet

Motiv Power Systems deploys five electric trucks to provide zero-emission deliveries

FOSTER CITY, Calif. — Motiv Power Systems, a manufacturer of medium-duty electric trucks and buses, reports in late 2023 it completed the delivery of five electric vehicles to Shasta Linen Supply, a commercial linen supply company delivering linens, uniforms, and other textiles to more than 1,200 business and professional firms in California.

“Community and sustainability go hand-in-hand for the team here at Shasta, and electrifying our fleet with the Motiv vehicles brings us one step closer to cultivating a cleaner and greener environment,” says Noël Hammer Richardson, president and CEO of Shasta Linen Supply. 

“With funding and incentives available to help us go electric, we’ve experienced that Motiv’s electric trucks are quieter, cheaper to maintain, and easier to operate than the gasoline trucks they replace. From a business perspective, it’s the best thing to do.”

Shasta is paving the way as California-based companies begin to transition to electric in accordance with the state’s Advanced Clean Fleet (ACF) regulation. 

ACF requires fleets to have 50% of their vehicles be all-electric by 2031, and Shasta’s five Motiv trucks now make up half of their fleet. 

Shasta has taken its existing business and retrofitted the infrastructure to support the trucks from Motiv, now in operation across local routes in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys.

With the delivery and deployment of the Motiv-powered vehicles in late 2023, Shasta has already driven 9,600 miles, reduced an estimated 15,800 pounds of tailpipe emissions and saved $4,800 on fuel costs. 

The fourth-generation, woman-owned linen supply company was recently awarded “Clean Power City: Carbon Free Transportation” at Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s 16th Annual Sustainable Business Awards for its use of Motiv’s electric trucks.

“Given the sheer weight of linens, building an electric truck that can handle the payload is an industry-wide challenge,” says Jim Castelaz, founder and chief technology and revenue officer of Motiv Power Systems. Motiv rose to that challenge, and our partnership with Shasta Linen Supply has proven that the shift to EVs can be seamless when done right.

“Shasta is leading the charge for the electrification of the linens space, and we’re incredibly proud to be their EV van provider of choice every step of the way.”

Shasta Linen Supply Using 5 Electric Step Vans

(Photo: Motiv Power Systems/Shasta Linen Supply)

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