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NEW ORLEANS — During a Clean Show press conference, the Association for Linen Management revealed a new venture – a Practice Guide Council that will develop new guidelines for reusable textiles.

The council, with nine people at the core, currently has five projects in the works, including the ability of the group to apply for future grants in case the PGC needs to commission its own research studies. The processes for the council have been developed over the last 18 months. A website dedicated to the PGC – – will allow the group transparency in all projects, and it will allow other individuals to suggest and submit future research study opportunities.

Cindy Molko, director for linen and central services at Mayo Clinic, is serving as the current chair of the council. “We are all very excited about this venture, and we will be actively looking for members of the industry to participate,” she says.

The PGC will be aligned with ALM, and projects will depend on current research on reusable textiles and what needs to be validated. The guidelines put forth by the council will be data driven and fact based, says Linda Fairbanks, ALM president. “ALM is clearly positioned,” she says, “with the knowledge, experience and commitment to provide the leadership structure for developing these evidence-based guidelines.”

Industry and academic experts will be included to help the council develop and review research related to textile care.

Any new guidelines will be published on the council’s website for public review, and the public will have the opportunity to comment.

“We are hoping this council will provide credibility to the industry,” Fairbanks says.

In other ALM news, the association hosted a Bayou Bash Friday night at its headquarters hotel. During the festivities, President Randy Wendland announced the winners of ALM's most prestigious awards.

Receiving the Allied Tradesperson of the Year award was Dick Berceau, Standard Textile Co., Cincinnati. Other finalists were Angie Perez and Matt Filkins.

The Heywood Wiley Laundry Manager of the Year award went to Paul Jewison, CLLM, Textile Care Services, Rochester, Minn. Other finalists were Grover Evans and Judy Murphy.

Additionally, Wendland reported that Tampa, Fla., will host ALM's next national conference on June 9-12, 2014.

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