Mission Linen Expands Use of Natural Gas-Powered Trucks


Mission Linen Supply
Mission Linen Supply.

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — After a successful pilot program here, Mission Linen Supply will soon begin using six CNG (compressed natural gas) trucks in Morro Bay, Calif., and Phoenix to deliver linens, uniforms and restroom supplies to customers, the company says.

CNG was one of several alternative fuels that Mission Linen Supply considered as it was seeking to increase its commitment to sustainability. During the pilot, the company was impressed by CNG’s reduced environmental impact compared to the threat caused by disposal of batteries used in hybrid applications.

The company worked with BAF Technologies, a provider of natural gas technology and conversion services, to equip trucks with the CNG system.

CNG-powered engines are capable of reducing NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions by as much as 98%, thereby reducing smog, Mission Linen Supply says. They are also capable of reducing carcinogenic particulate matter by 99%. The overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions will be 30% or greater, the company adds.

“Since we depend on trucks to conduct our business, we are committed to finding ways to increase fuel efficiency while reducing our carbon footprint,” says Don Bock, director of Risk Management for Mission Linen Supply. “We’re thrilled that we can have a positive impact on the environment and save money, making the case for other companies in our industry to follow suit.”


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