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DALLAS — Linens for Animals (LFA), which provides recycled commercial linens for helpless animals, is seeking partners to expand its efforts beyond the 19 states already serviced, the charity reports in a press release.
“We want to see a Linens for Animals in every state—in every community,” says Lori Birdsong, director and founder of the 501(c)(3) non-profit.
Since 2006, the organization has acquired and donated hospital-sanitized linens, including blankets, towels, rags and pee pads, to almost 2,000 shelters, wildlife rehabilitation facilities and rescue groups across the country.
Birdsong says LFA has donated enough linen to fill 119 18-wheelers, or nearly 2 million pounds.
LFA counts HCA North Texas Division Laundry and North Texas Health Care Laundry among its “heroes.” HCA was the first organization of its kind to donate hospital-sanitized linens on a weekly basis, and North Texas is the charity’s primary provider of underpads, according to LFA’s Health Care website.
Birdsong believes she was “born to help animals.”
“After trying to help in other ways, I found a real need—linens. In shelters, instead of spending what could be their last days on a bare concrete floor (or while being rehabilitated or in temporary foster care), the animals have a soft, clean place to sleep.”
Birdsong and her husband, Dr. Mark Bussan, a certified veterinary chiropractitioner, also founded a no-kill shelter/sanctuary in McKinney, Texas.
“If one couple in Texas has helped hundreds of thousands of animals—literally—imagine what we could do with sponsors, professional support and more volunteers,” Birdsong says.
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