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JENSEN-GROUP Says It Continues to Grow

Company reports 6.3% increase in revenue compared to previous year

PANAMA CITY, Fla. — New products and services, geographic expansion, further recovery in the European markets and continued efforts to become more local have contributed a 6.3% increase in revenue for laundry equipment manufacturer JENSEN-GROUP, the company reports.

Major projects have been delivered on all continents, setting a new benchmark in the market, according to the company.

JENSEN-GROUP says it has experienced an increase in revenue growth above 50% over the past four years. To support this growth, the company has made significant investments in strengthening the organization, expanding manufacturing capacity and investing in activities to support long-term growth.

The company says its recent partnership with Inwatec will enhance its market position in areas like laundry robotics, AI and automation, and provide complementary products like mat rollers, mat-handling systems and X-ray machines.

To further focus on laundry logistics, JENSEN says it merged all of its material handling activities into a new business unit—material handling and automation. The company has three business units: washroom technology, finishing technology and material handling technology.

In addition, JENSEN-GROUP says it has further developed its two-tier sales strategy with high-tech products from its Western factories and single machines exported from China under the ALPHA by JENSEN brand. The company says ALPHA by JENSEN will cater to customers who expect high quality and productivity with a limited number of options.

In terms of software, the company says its joint venture of Gotli Labs with ABS, a laundry software provider, is showing positive results. The goal is to further develop its software solution, Globe, to improve customer productivity and further develop the company’s offering of state-of-the art software solutions to the heavy-duty laundry industry.

“We have invested in growth with two new factories, more local sales and service, a JV for software, an investment in robotics and increased our participation in TOLON,” says Jesper Munch Jensen, CEO of JENSEN-GROUP. “I’m positive that we have planted the seeds for future successful growth.”

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The new brand ALPHA by JENSEN was launched at Texcare Asia, Shanghai, in September 2017.  (Photo: JENSEN-GROUP)

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