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NEW ORLEANS — The China Laundry Association has joined CINET, the International Committee on Textile Care, and the two organizations are coordinating a new initiative, Switch Asia. A press conference lead by Dirk Vanmeirhaeghe, CINET president, Peter Wennekes, CINET CEO, and Wang Shuyuan, director of CLA, was held during Clean Show 2013.

Ms. Wang and Vanmeirhaeghe also signed a memorandum of understanding to begin the program that supports the implementation of sustainable and innovative laundering and drycleaning practices in China. CLA is the only association representing the laundry industry in China and currently has 600 member businesses. CINET is a global leader in professional textile care, with 50 members worldwide who provide data and research to the entire organization and the worldwide industry.

During the press conference, the three speakers also signed documents adding CLA to CINET’s membership.

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