Gurtler Industries Acquires AuroraChem East from CHT R. Beitlich

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SOUTH HOLLAND, Ill. — Gurtler Industries has acquired AuroraChem East, the textile care division of CHT R. Beitlich Corp., Gurtler announced. Terms were not disclosed.
AuroraChem East is a manufacturer and supplier of specialty laundry chemicals and services based in Charlotte, N.C. Its entire staff, sales, service and management team is joining Gurtler.
This acquisition follows Gurtler’s acquisition of its sister company, AuroraChem West, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, in July.
“With the acquisition of the AuroraChem East operation, we reunite the AuroraChem team under the Gurtler umbrella,” says Greg Gurtler, president of Gurtler Industries. “Besides their broad expertise and industry knowledge, they bring with them an excellent line of unique products and in-house engineered dispensing systems.”
The additions are being integrated into the full Gurtler line and will soon be available across the country, he adds.
CHT R. Beitlich GmbH, the parent company of CHT R. Beitlich Corp. and AuroraChem East, is a multinational chemical manufacturer based in Germany.
In addition to the AuroraChem acquistion, Gurtler entered into an exclusive technology relationship that allows it to market CHT products and systems in the United States.

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