Faultless Linen Sells Hospitality Biz to Focus on Healthcare

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Faultless Laundry Co., commonly known as Faultless Linen, has decided to sell its hospitality business and focus entirely on establishing itself as a healthcare-only textile provider in the Midwest.

The company operates two healthcare-only plants in Kansas City and two more in St. Louis. The Spence family has continuously operated Faultless since Sam and Cora Spence founded it in 1896.

Faultless has served the hospitality market for decades from its downtown Kansas City plant, but that facility has aged to the point that significant repairs and reinvestment are required. Due to the financial and competitive pressures in the hospitality market, such a reinvestment doesn’t make good economic sense, the company says.

Faultless has decided to transition its hospitality business to two other Kansas City-based, family-owned linen providers: Excel Linen Supply, owned and operated by the Brancato family, and Ace Image Wear, owned and operated by the Heilman family. Faultless’ accounts are being divided between the two companies, which will retain nearly all affected Faultless employees.

Faultless continues to expand its healthcare services throughout Kansas, Missouri and Illinois, and will be opening a 103,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art plant in St. Louis next summer.


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