Fashion Seal, Gurtler Team Up to Offer Processing ‘Best Practices’

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SEMINOLE, Fla. — Fashion Seal Healthcare®, a brand of Superior Uniform Group, has reached an “agreement of mutual cooperation” with laundry chemicals manufacturer Gurtler Industries, demonstrating the companies’ commitment to promote effective industrial laundry practices and chemical combinations for treating today’s modern healthcare garments.

“Through this collaboration with Gurtler Industries, we are able to offer our customers valuable data to help them improve their business practices,” says Alan Schwartz, president of Superior Uniform Group. “This consultative approach is what sets Fashion Seal Healthcare apart from our competitors in the industry.”

“We’ve seen more 100% polyester garments being introduced into the healthcare market, such as FashionPoly™ scrubs and FashionCare™ patient apparel,” says Greg Gurtler, president of Gurtler Industries. “With this development, we recognized there was the need to provide best practices and correct chemicals for handlng of these fabrics, including static control, dry times, washer loads, and methods of energy savings.”

Several major nationwide linen companies have taken advantage of the companies’ combined expertise, says Steven Tinker, senior vice president of Research and Development for Gurtler Industries, adding, “We are pleased that our collaboration can bring best practices to the industrial laundry marketplace.”


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