Distribution, Delivery Tools Are Aplenty (Part 2 of 2)

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There are many options for getting textiles from Point A to Point B, whether the trip is 10 feet or 10 miles. Last week, we looked at carts and trucks. This week, we tackle material-handling systems and delivery vehicles.MATERIAL-HANDLING SYSTEMS
Conveyors, shuttles, rail systems and many other devices are designed, and often custom-made, to help laundries get their goods through the system quickly and easily.
Futurail, E-TECH, Fairfield Laundry Machinery, Gardner Machinery, Leonard Automatics, P.E.P. Conveyor Systems, Speed Check Conveyor Co., White Conveyors and Railex Corp. are just some of the major designers and suppliers of conveyor and rail systems.
Systems can be equipped for reception of soiled items, soiled sorting, classified storage, soiled handling before washing and transfer to the finishing department from the wash room, just to name a few possibilities.
Shuttles are often used in automated wash rooms to transfer goods from a tunnel washer to the extraction press, from washer-extractors to dryers, or from extraction press to the dryers.
Vacuum conveyance systems from companies such as Kannegiesser, Automation Dynamics and Colmac Industries can carry linen through tubes to workstations.
PrecisionAirConvey offers a computer-controlled chute system that accumulates soiled-linen bundles and then automatically releases them into ductwork for smooth movement to the laundry room.DELIVERY VEHICLES
When it’s time to transport soiled linen in or clean linen out, laundries frequently count on step vans and dry-freight commercial trucks from companies such as Utilimaster and Morgan Olson.
Laundry and uniform delivery walk-in vans are designed for easy access for loading and unloading, with cargo areas customized to transport large textiles or rugs.
Utilimaster, for example, offers interior options specifically for the textile rental industry. These include a mat storage bin in cargo, adjustable shelf system, locking garment rails, and an interior ventilation system, among other items.
When it comes to delivering the goods across the room or across town, laundry industry vendors have the tools available to make the trip as smooth as possible.
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