Congresswoman Visits N.Y. Healthcare Laundry


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Congresswoman Nan Hayworth (R-NY-19) (left) discusses issues impacting the textile services industry with Unitex Textile Rental Services President Michael Potack (center) and Vice President of Sales & Marketing David Potack during her visit to their healthcare plant.

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NEWBURGH, N.Y. — Congresswoman Nan Hayworth (R-NY-19) recently visited Unitex Textile Rental Services’ facility here to meet local constituents and discuss how government can facilitate small-business investment to revitalize the economy.

Hayworth, who is also a doctor, toured the 4-year-old healthcare laundry—a member of the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA)—that employs 220 local residents and processes more than 60 million pounds of rental hospital linens annually.

She met with Unitex Textile Rental Services President Michael Potack and Vice President of Sales & Marketing David Potack, as well as TRSA President & CEO Joseph Ricci to discuss issues impacting small business and the textile services industry. Their conversation focused on the importance of bi-partisan approaches to developing tax and energy policies that reduce uncertainty, encourage investment and create economic growth.

“Individuals, and the government, must take responsibility and demand accountability to ensure our policies work to improve our economy,” says Hayworth. “We must develop tax, energy and healthcare policies that reward market-driven solutions for companies that create value and invest in their local economy.”

“We need to encourage business investment, not hinder it with regulation, such as efforts to access our nation’s natural gas reserves,” says Michael Potack. “If we switched our 125 vehicles to natural gas, we could save nearly $30,000 per vehicle over a 5-7 year period, while reducing our carbon footprint significantly and reducing our dependency on foreign sources.”

The group also discussed the potential impact on business of pending Supreme Court decision on healthcare reform. Hayworth believes that regardless of the court’s decision, the healthcare system must become more market-driven based on “quality and cost of services.” She also applauded TRSA’s efforts to quantify hygienically clean linen and sustainability as efforts to “self-regulate and demonstrate value.”


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