BREAKING NEWS: Adco Buys Laidlaw's Chemical Products Division

SEDALIA, Mo. — Mentor Partners of Boston and Adco Cleaning Products of Sedalia, a leading manufacturer and distributor of chemicals for the drycleaning industry, have purchased the Chemical Products Division of Laidlaw Co., Scottsdale, Ariz.
The two companies merged their chemical-sales teams: Brent McWilliams, formerly vice president of Laidlaw, joins Adco as vice president of sales. Laidlaw's sales team will continue to service wholesale accounts, with end users receiving all Laidlaw products through normal distribution channels.
One of the nation's largest suppliers of wire hangers and related products, Laidlaw will concentrate on its imports business. "This allows us to concentrate in the area in which we're strongest," says Laidlaw CEO Tom Schultz. "We can now focus completely on being the lowest-cost, most efficient seller of hangers, instead of trying to do two completely different businesses."
Laidlaw-brand chemical products will be manufactured at Adco's facilities in Sedalia and will be sold and shipped through current distributors, says Van Van Dyne, Adco's CEO. Adco has already been producing Laidlaw's chemical formulations for more than a year alongside its own formulations, which it markets directly to drycleaners.
“I think that the synergies in bringing Laidlaw into our company are excellent,” Van Dyne says. “Their product line will remain Laidlaw, and it will be produced in our factory under the Laidlaw label. The only change will be that orders from distributors will come directly to us.
“I think it will be good for the industry, and the additional piece of business has been good for Adco. Drycleaners are still going to have a choice, and we’re just adding to what we know how to do.”
John and Vivia Van Dyne founded Adco in Sedalia a century ago. The company was family-owned and -operated until Mentor Partners purchased it in April 2006.


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