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Architect Equity Acquires Faultless Brands

Private investment firm ‘excited’ to support brands, global distribution, growth plans

LOS ANGELES — Architect Equity reports that it has acquired Faultless Brands, owners of Faultless, Niagara and Magic laundry products, Bon Ami and Kleen King cleaning products and Trapp Fragrances.

Faultless Brands is based in Kansas City, Missouri, and has been family owned for over 130 years.

“We are pleased to complete the acquisition of Faultless Brands,” says Dionisio Lucchesi, managing director of Architect Equity. “The business has a rich history of internationally recognized brands, a global distribution footprint and compelling growth plans that we are excited to support.”

Architect Equity is a private investment firm comprised of an integrated team of investors and operators that provide immediate liquidity solutions to public and private business owners. Under Architect’s ownership, target companies benefit from industry relationships, operational resources and an M&A platform to support further company growth.

Sean Williams, CEO of Faultless Brands, says, “We believe that Architect Equity is an excellent partner to help take our brands and business to the next level by supporting innovation and other growth initiatives across our portfolio.”