White Plains Linen, Wheelabrator Westchester Form Steam Power Partnership

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PEEKSKILL, N.Y. — New York-based linen supplier White Plains Linen has partnered with clean energy supplier Wheelabrator Westchester, enabling White Plains to “reduce its carbon footprint by 90%” through the use of steam power, the companies report.

Under a long-term supply agreement, steam from the Wheelabrator Westchester waste-to-energy plant is being piped directly to White Plains Linen’s adjacent 100,000-square-foot commercial laundry facility via a newly constructed steam line. White Plains Linen is converting its natural gas-fueled laundry equipment and room-heating systems to steam.

The move will reduce the amount of natural gas White Plains Linen uses to make steam and hot water, from 1 million therms per year to less than 90,000 therms per year, eliminating 4,775 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, the companies report.

“This partnership with Wheelabrator Westchester makes White Plains Linen an industry leader in the use of eco-friendly, alternative energy,” says Bruce Botchman, president of White Plains Linen. “By practically eliminating the use of fossil fuels in our laundry operations, we are helping to clean the air, protect the environment and preserve natural resources for future generations. We are proud to make this green investment in our business and in … Peekskill.”

Leonard Labonia, vice president of operations for White Plains Linen, adds that the “stability of this reliable energy source” will assist the company in planning future growth. “This type of energy source does not react to political unrest overseas or spike due to unforeseen shortages.”

“Westchester County is pleased to support this innovative partnership between two of our larger industrial employers,” Peekskill Mayor Mary Foster says. “It is a great example of how corporate responsibility, especially when it comes to protecting our environment, is also good for business. Considering that more than 50% of the waste converted at Wheelabrator Westchester comes directly from ordinary residents in the county’s Refuse Disposal District, it means that we’ll all be contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment in Westchester.”

Wheelabrator Westchester processes up to 2,250 tons per day of municipal solid waste, transferring it to utility-type boilers that recover thermal energy in the form of high-pressure steam.

In addition to utilizing steam power, White Plains Linen has made other investments in becoming environmentally-friendly, such as installing systems to capture rainwater and recycle filtered rinse water, and installing more energy-efficient lighting throughout its facility, the company says.


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