Washing Systems Honored for Green Chemistry, Pollution Prevention

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WASHINGTON — The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable has named Washing Systems LLC (WSI) the recipient of the 2012 MVP2 Award, for the company’s “outstanding, innovative achievements in pollution prevention.”

The selection is the result of WSI’s achievement in developing the Pure Solutions Line of Green Chemistry, a complete line of NPE-free detergents, zero-phosphate and zero-EDTA builders, and BioSolve, an environmentally friendly solvent.

Candidates for the award were judged on innovation, measurable results, transferability, commitment, and optimization of available project resources.

WSI committed its organization, beginning in 2005, to develop leading-edge innovations and chemistry that has enabled customers to improve their environmental footprint and profitability. NPE-free detergents that were developed gained U.S. EPA Design for Environment (DfE) approval; WSI reports that implementation of the detergents has helped its customers reduce NPE releases by more than 4.5 million pounds annually.

A green builder, Structure, formulated to eliminate the use of phosphates and EDTA, was introduced in 2011. Also that year, WSI eliminated petroleum-based solvents from its formulas by introducing BioSolve, a non-hazardous, bio-based solvent.

“The fact that our customers have noticed improved cleaning quality, no increase in costs, and the positive environmental impact is collectively most exciting for our team,” says Roy Praechter, vice president of research and development for WSI.

The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable is a national, non-profit forum that promotes pollution-prevention efforts. Its members include state and local government programs, small-business assistance networks, industry associations, federal agencies, and more.


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