UTSA, TRSA Scheduled to Meet Today on Consolidations Hang-Ups

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Leadership of the Uniform & Textile Service Association (UTSA) and the Textile Rental Services Association of America (TRSA) is meeting today to address issues that have stalled the groups' consolidation.
The two trade associations were to have consolidated Jan. 1 into the Uniform & Textile Rental Service Association  (UTRSA), but TRSA's board sought a one-year extension in November to discuss what it called "major significant open issues."
These were later described to include president/CEO selection, budget adoption, staffing and more.
When UTSA indicated in December that it couldn't delay, TRSA chose to not sign the consolidation documents and requested further talks.
Memberships of both associations approved the consolidation in separate votes last summer.


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