UniMac Adds Financing Component to List of Customer Services

Jason Hicks |

RIPON, Wis. — UniMac has added a finance component — UniMac Funding — to its list of customer services.
“Customers can expect a tailored approach to financing with UniMac Funding,” says Kim Shady, vice president of distributor sales for UniMac. “As a leader in this market, we understand the unique challenges facing managers of on-premises laundries, as well as those facing general managers of the properties they serve. We created UniMac Funding to help meet their specific needs.”
UniMac Funding provides UniMac clients with a single point of contact for financing questions, which allows more personalized service and faster answers on applications, the company says.
“What UniMac customers will really appreciate is the strength of our offerings, where other companies may be struggling,” Shady says. “Laundry equipment is not a luxury item; it’s an integral component to our customers’ businesses. We want to make financing these purchases as easy as possible.”

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