TRSA Safety Summit Slated for May 21-22

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) is sponsoring Safer Together, a May 21-22 Safety Summit intended to generate increased safety awareness within the textile services industry while providing an opportunity for practical, hands-on analysis of trends and issues.

A panel featuring some of the textile services industry’s most recognizable names will convene during the Bloomington, Minn., meeting to discuss their companies’ commitment to safe practices and the importance of establishing a top-down safety culture, TRSA says.

Participants will include Bill Evans, president/CEO of AmeriPride Services; Scott Farmer, CEO of Cintas Corp.; Karl Fillip, president/CEO of Alliance Laundry & Textile Services; and Jeff Wright, executive vice president and CFO of G&K Services.

Additionally, there will be breakout sessions to discuss executive management support, driver/fleet safety, wash aisle and lockout/tagout, injury prevention programs, and ergonomics.

Discussions will identify risks in laundry plant and service work that require improved mitigation and propose solutions.

Safety experts emphasize that while management often claims a “commitment to safety,” the real or imagined pressures of production can and often do defeat safety programs as the majority of these efforts focus on compliance and requirements, not zero-based objectives, TRSA says.

The Summit will foster novel approaches by identifying the most difficult obstacles the industry faces in eliminating injuries and illnesses and developing consensus proposals for overcoming them. Conclusions will drive TRSA programming such as best practices documentation, conference presentations, education/training, research/benchmarking and other resources.

To learn more, visit the TRSA website.


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