Technology Recovers Dryer Exhaust to Save on Energy Costs

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NEW ORLEANS — Commercial laundries looking for new ways to cut costs can check out a new option at the Clean Show. AquaRecycle, a company specializing in wastewater filtration and water recycling, took the opportunity provided by the show to introduce ThermalRecycle, its system that’s designed to save energy by recovering and recycling heat from a laundry’s dryer exhaust.
The Thermal Heat Wheel captures heat from the dryer exhaust and transfers it to the incoming cooler air. This allows dryers to operate on less energy without effecting operating times, and it provides a more even drying process, the company says.
“AquaRecycle and ThermalRecycle are committed to providing innovative products that are both savings-oriented and environmentally focused,” said Jeff Lebedin, president of AquaRecycle. “ThermalRecycle provides economic and environmental sustainability without compromising linen quality or operational efficiencies.”
ThermalRecycle reduces the energy used to dry linens by 50% and drying times by up to 25%, the company claims.

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