Survey: Support for Increasing Minimum Wage Varies

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CHICAGO — When laundry managers and administrators were asked if their home states should pass an increase in the minimum wage, the result was a tie – 50% yes, 50% no, according to our latest Wire survey.
Responses were received from at least 16 states. (Voters in Ohio, Arizona, Missouri, Montana, Colorado and Nevada approved ballot measures last week to raise their state's minimum wage.)
Asked about increasing the federal minimum wage, the outcome was a little easier to call – 60% yes, 40% no.
As far as what an appropriate minimum wage would be, given today's economic realities, 37.5% favored $7.01 to $8. Most of the remaining choices – $5.15 to $6 (15%), $6.01 to $7 (15%) and $8.01 to $8.99 (17.5%) – garnered almost equal support. Very few respondents (5%) want to see a minimum wage of $9 or more. "None of the above" was the choice of 10%.
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