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Survey: Many Laundry Managers Thankful for Solid Operations, Appreciative Customers

CHICAGO — With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, American Laundry News asked laundry managers this month to comment via the Wire survey on the things they are thankful for.

Approximately 72% agreed with the statement, “I’m thankful, because our operation is performing well,” while 22.2% were unsure and 5.6% disagreed.

Roughly 61% agree that “our (end-users or clients) appreciate our services,” while 33.3 “somewhat agree” and 5.6% “somewhat disagree.”

Respondents’ positions on equipment were slightly more varied. As for “Our equipment works well, and isn’t a concern,” 50% “completely agree” with the statement while 25% “somewhat agree.” Approximately 13% “somewhat disagree,” 6.3% “neither agree nor disagree,” and 6.3% “completely disagree.”

Survey-takers were asked how confident they were in next year being better for everyone. Two-thirds of respondents “completely agree” (33.3%) or “somewhat agree” (33.3%). Roughly 22% “neither agree nor disagree,” and the remaining 11% “somewhat disagree.”

Practically everyone who took this month’s survey could identify his or her biggest “turkey,” or headache-causer. Thirty-one percent selected the all-encompassing “other” category but explanations were not available due to a technical glitch with the online survey.

Equal shares of 12.5% pointed to equipment, employee(s), management, and textile supplier as inducing headaches for their laundry, while equal shares of 6.3% identified an end-user or client, a chemicals supplier, or a competitor or competitors.

No one singled out an equipment distributor or a government regulator.

Lastly, the survey invited respondents to name one aspect of their service for which they give thanks every day. Many replies related to personnel, but there were others, such as:

  • “We have a hospital that is still open.”
  • “I’m still working in this economy.”
  • “The Board of Directors, who is aware of the need to upgrade equipment and allowed me to do so. That decision has saved money, reduced injuries, and makes the laundry viable and competitive for the long term.”
  • “100% complete, on-time deliveries.”

While the Wire survey presents a snapshot of readers’ viewpoints at a particular moment, it should not be considered scientific.

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wire survey chart
wire survey chart

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