Survey: Finishing Equipment at Top of Clean Show Attendees’ Want-to-See List


ALN Wire Survey chart
ALN Wire Survey - March, 2011 (Image credit: Alissa Ausmann)


ALN Wire Survey chart
ALN Wire Survey - March, 2011 (Image credit: Alissa Ausmann)

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CHICAGO — Nearly 60% of respondents to March’s Wire survey say they are planning to attend Clean ’11 in Las Vegas, while another 17% are unsure at this point.
Approximately 24% of those responding to American Laundry News’ unscientific survey say they will not be attending the biennial event slated for June 6-9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Roughly 17% of those staying home say they are sending another member or members of their staff.
Among respondents making the trip, 67% most want to see the finishing equipment that will be on exhibit. Dryers (58.3%), washroom equipment (55.6%) and material-handling equipment (47.2%) are also popular product categories, survey results show.
Fewer respondents showed interest in software (30.6%), chemistry (25%), linens (25%) and apparel (16.7%).
The Clean Show will be offering more than 35 hours of educational sessions, including its first-ever Korean-language sessions. Twenty-nine percent of respondents say they usually attend two or three educational sessions while at Clean, while another 24% usually attend four or more. Approximately 21% usually attend just one session, and 27% don’t attend educational sessions.
Clean ’11 will be a four-day event, and slightly more than one-third of respondents (35.3%) will be visiting two days. Roughly 30% will visit every day, while another 26.5% will visit three days. Only 8.8% plan to attend just one day.
Respondents were asked what they traditionally liked most and what they liked least about the Clean Show.
“Likes” included manufacturer quantity and variety; the ability to see new products first-hand and under one roof; networking with vendors; attending educational sessions; and discussing universal challenges with peers. One person responded, apparently tongue in cheek, that they “get to purchase a new pair of shoes.” A couple of respondents said this year’s Clean Show would be their first.
“Dislikes” included food selection at the convention center; the amount of walking required; choice of locations and timing of show; overall cost to attend; and the show’s every-other-year frequency (it’s held too often, said one critic). A couple of respondents said they like the event as presented and have no dislikes.
One person suggested it “would be nice to pre-register the night before the first day to get the book [show directory] and highlight places (I) want to see.” It should be pointed out that the Clean Show website offers the opportunity to preview exhibitors and create a list of those one wishes to visit.
Subscribers to American Laundry News’ Wire e-mails—distributed twice weekly—are invited to participate anonymously in a brief industry survey each month. While it presents a snapshot of readers’ viewpoints at a particular moment, the survey should not be considered scientific.
The entire American Laundry News audience is encouraged to participate, as a greater number of responses will help to better define operator opinions and industry trends.
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