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Survey: 63% of Operators Say 2011 Throughput Better Than Expected

CHICAGO — More than 63% of respondents to American Laundry News’ final Wire survey for 2011 said their laundry’s poundage this year was “much higher” (5.3%) or “somewhat higher” (57.9%) in comparison to 2010 figures.

Approximately 11% reported processing “virtually the same amount,” 15.8% reported processing “somewhat less,” and the remaining 10.5% lamented processing “much less.”

Total estimated production for 2011 ranged by operation from 500,000 pounds to 10.5 million pounds, according to these anonymous responses.

Operators whose production rose attributed it primarily to gaining institutional business or increasing total accounts (83.3%). Adding more production workers (16.7%); adding, replacing or rebuilding production equipment (8.3%); improving transportation/distribution (8.3%); and redesigning workflow (8.3%) were other factors. (Respondents could choose any or all among several suggested factors or offer their own.)

The primary cause for falling short of annual goals or expectations this year, according to 80% of respondents who suffered such a setback, was a “slowing or loss of business due to economy.” Other causes cited were “other” (20%), maintenance efforts (10%), and staff productivity (10%).

No one blamed poor results on capabilities of equipment, marketing efforts, regulatory changes, or administrative indifference or lack of support.

Finally, respondents were asked how they thought their boss would grade their 2011 managerial performance. The majority believed they would receive a B (61.1%), while another one-third said they would receive an A. The remainder said they would receive a D (5.6%).

While the Wire survey presents a snapshot of readers’ viewpoints at a particular moment, it should not be considered scientific.

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wire survey graph
wire survey graph

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