Standard Door Opening No Longer a Barrier for New, Slim Washer

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NEW ORLEANS — Managers of on-premise laundries now have their answer to the question, “Will it fit?”
Maytag Commercial Laundry has introduced at Clean ’09 a new 50- to 55-pound soft-mount washer-extractor that fits through a standard 36-inch door opening.
The new smaller-framed model still offers large cleaning capacity and plenty of useful features for on-premise launderers, Maytag says.
“To the OPL market, offering a 50- to 60-pound-capacity model that fits through a 36-inch door is huge,” says Steve Hietpas, national sales manager.
Also new at the show, and awaiting release to the market this fall, is a 75-pound multi-load, on-premise dryer featuring improved airflow for shorter dry times. With 100% axial airflow, all of the warm air passes directly through the load, from the rear of the drum to the front, to speed drying.
Moisture sensor bars measure the dampness level of the load to prevent over-drying, a major cause of damaged goods and wasted energy.
“All of our Energy Advantage drying tumblers efficiently dry bulky loads while helping to lower energy costs,” says Craig Kirchner, global director. “And these new 75-pound models take energy efficiency and faster drying times even further.”
Maytag Commercial Laundry has also raised its OPL equipment warranty from two years to three. All of its OPL washer-extractors and dryers are backed by a three-year limited warranty on parts and a five-year limited warranty on the inner-welded frame, outer basket and other select parts.

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