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St. Regis Hotel Laundry Renovation

Distributor overcomes challenges to update five-star hotel’s 30-year-old processing equipment

NEW YORK — The St. Regis Hotel is a model of excellence for five-star hotels in the New York City market, as well as in the industry in general. It is committed to the highest attention to detail, and its bed linen presentation is one example of that commitment.

Since 1967, laundry equipment distributor Direct Machinery has helped the hotel consistently present clean, luxurious linens by supplying top-notch machinery to process its goods.

One year after the company’s founding, in June 1967, Direct Machinery was awarded the laundry modernization for a completely renovated St. Regis Hotel. This was Direct Machinery’s first major laundry renovation, and working at this prestigious five-star hotel was a coveted project.  

The St. Regis was known for having the highest quality linen and also for its laundry being well run and efficient. The installation was challenging, but it was a glowing success. 

In 1988, the St. Regis again planned a more complete renovation, only leaving its classic gothic facade untouched. The hotel was closed for an extended period, and each floor of the hotel was gutted and redecorated.  

The laundry was once again completely renovated, knowing the hotel may not have had another opportunity to modernize its laundry because of its restricted openings. Direct Machinery was again chosen as the equipment supplier. 

It was an intriguing rigging project, as the 480-pound washers and a three-roll steam ironer had to be rigged down through holes in the hotel floors to access the laundry’s sub-basement location.   

In 2018, the hotel was ready to upgrade the laundry equipment as its equipment was 30 years old. Once again, the project was awarded to Direct Machinery.  

This time the project was even more challenging, both due to the size of the openings and the fact that the hotel had to continue to operate with less than 30 days to complete the project. 

The two large, 480-pound side loading washers were removed along with the existing folder/crossfolder and towel folder. The old washers were cut up to allow passage through a maze of hallways less than four feet wide. The security booth in front of the service elevator was partially dismantled and a temporary cloth structure built to secure the hotel operation.  

Five Milnor 160-pound Open Pocket Washers and a new Chicago Skyline SP4 were installed to fold and stack pillow cases, as well as to fold and crossfold duvet covers, king sheets and 100% cotton fine table linen. A Chicago Rapid Feed was also installed for the high-quality finish and increased production.

A new Chicago Elite CT Towel Folder was installed, giving the hotel the ability to fold all their towels, including its large bath sheets, hand towels and bath mats. It was especially important to the hotel that the hotel logo was presented properly during the folding process, which the new folder could do well.  

The change of washers and the more efficient folder was responsible for much of the reduction in water and energy usage, and labor hours.    

The laundry was started up almost a week ahead of time. Management and laundry workers were ecstatic with the ease of operation of the new equipment and the impeccable quality achieved.  

Laundry Director Charlie Scudlo, who put so much effort into the laundry and the renovation, was honored by his fellow managers at a meeting of his peers. He was presented an award for his dedication and commitment to the St. Regis Hotel for his 30 years of service.  

The St. Regis Hotel continues to strive for excellence in both hotel and laundry operations, with its bed linen presentation continuing to exemplify its attention to detail.