Softrol Systems Celebrates 25th Anniversary in 2012

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ACWORTH, Ga. — 2012 marks the 25th anniversary of Softrol Systems, a multi-disciplinary design, manufacturing and software development company that provides solutions to the textile rental and manufacturing industries.

Chad and Brent Keith founded the company in 1987 and used their experience providing solutions for chemical, water and wastewater issues encountered by wet process clients to develop leading-edge process control technology. Softrol now provides total plant solutions in chemical systems, automation systems, management systems and rail systems, the company says.

Over the years, the company has grown by providing solutions that increase its customers’ bottom line, says CEO Chad Keith. Complete washroom automation and real-time production information are just two examples of technology advancements that have become mainstream throughout the industry.

“We see greater adoption rates for systems that we have been developing and deploying to advance the collection of data, the integration of it into actionable information, and now, finally, into real-time business intelligence for better plant management,” he says.

For any plant, Softrol can provide an “Automated Production Management System” that includes labor management, production reporting, equipment information and business intelligence, the company says. “It all comes down to total plant management,” says Keith. “We are one of a few companies in the industry that can manage your products and information from the soil dock to the shipping dock.”

And Softrol is primed to maintain its strong position with new technological advancements and RFID solutions, according to Keith.

“As we prepare for sustained success in the future, we will continue to serve the changing demands of our customers and will also expand our industry solutions to foreign markets,” he says. “It’s this strategic planning and futuristic attentiveness that has kept and will keep Softrol as a forerunner in the industry.”

Softrol plans to host multiple events throughout the year to celebrate its quarter-century stint. “To commemorate our 25-year anniversary, we plan to remind the industry of the full range of laundry processing solutions we have developed since 1987, and to continue to develop industry-leading solutions to take us forward for the next 25 years,” Keith says.

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