Shackled by Sole-Source Vendor, Laundry Officers Take Initiative to Supply Inmate Goods


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SNEADS, Fla. — Two corrections officers from the Apalachee Correctional Institution (ACI) Laundry Team received Prudential-Davis Productivity Awards earlier this month for their efforts to provide inmates with sufficient linens despite delayed turnaround times and back orders from the approved vendor, the Florida Department of Corrections reports.
ACI Sgt. Daniel Grover and Correctional Officer Christie Dolan were having problems with “unpredictable shipments of necessary goods” from the vendor but policies prevented them from purchasing the needed linens, towels, washcloths, sheets, pillowcases, laundry bags, belts and mattress covers from another source.
Grover and Dolan conducted extensive research and compiled contacts and information on the acquisition of raw materials to make the finished goods, purchased a Serger sewing machine, and then taught themselves and the inmates in their charge how to make the goods.
They were able to provide finished products efficiently, expeditiously, and of higher quality than those they were purchasing, the Department of Corrections says, saving Florida taxpayers approximately $9,000 in an 11-month period.
The Prudential-Davis Productivity Awards are given annually to recognize and reward state employees whose work increases productivity, promotes innovation and save money for Florida taxpayers and businesses.
“Not only are we saving money at the prisons where these innovations originated, but we’re replicating them at other facilities to enhance the savings and improve security statewide,” says Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Edwin Buss.

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