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Sea-lion Co. Celebrates 50th, Opens New Office Building Complex

Company launched Sea-lion America Co. at the Clean Show in June

JIANGSU, China — Laundry equipment manufacturer Jiangsu Sea-Lion Machinery Co. Ltd. reports it recently held a 50th anniversary celebration here, highlighted by the completion of its new office building complex. 

Sea-lion Chairman Chen Hong says that in order to coordinate with the planning and construction of local government, taking into consideration with the overall situation, Sea-lion has made a two-stage relocation since 2014. 

The sales center, testing center, and administration and logistics department at the original headquarters have been all moved to the new production campus. The construction and decoration of the new modern office building complex has also been recently completed. 

“This new office building, with advanced and complete facilities, is not only a new local landmark, but also sets up a new image of Sea-lion production campus, furthermore, a beautiful scenery of city construction in Leyu Town,” shares Hong.

“We will take opportunity of the grand opening of the new office building and 50th anniversary celebration to strengthen our service efficiency and quality. Completion of office building is the end of construction project, but it is also a new start of our business.”

He goes on to say that the past 50 years is “a journey of business development paved with hard work of all Sea-lion employees, and it is also a lifetime glory to all Sea-lion employees.” 

Also in celebration of its 50 years in business and ever-expanding market presence, Sea-lion Company launched Sea-lion America Co. at the Clean Show in June. This is a joint venture designed to support the company in the North American, Mexican and Caribbean markets.

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Sea-lion Company officials cut the ribbon on a new office building complex and celebrate 50 years in business. (Photo: Sea-lion Company)

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